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How to use Classes in QuickBooks

QuickBooks has a class feature called Classes. This allows you to group transactions and items to make it easier to report. This feature allows business practices to be “classified.” You must allow the function in the Accounting section within the Preferences window.

Why should you configure classes?

There are many reasons classes can be set up.

Reporting by division or department.

Reporting using the enterprise’s form.

They report that if there is more than one place of work, they will notify the venue.

Classes can be used for a single purpose. For example, you can use classes to divide an organization into departments or locations. However, don’t try to do them both.

QuickBooks service allows you to add a class field in your transaction windows if you allow classes. After you have created your classes, you can assign one to the field.

What benefits would class monitoring bring?

ClassClass allows you to distinguish business lines without having to create QBO accounts. This class allows you to display profitability independently for each operation line.

Class Adding

Select Lists from the QuickBooks menu to create a class. Class List to display a Class List window. You must enable Classes in Preferences to access the Class Lists menu option. Press Ctrl+N to add a class. Fill in the ClassClass name in the New Class tab. Click Next to add another class. If you’re done click OK.

It is smart to create a class called Overhead. You can organize transactions logically if there is no relationship to any of your groups.

Using Class in a Transaction

When you enter transactions, each transaction window has a class field. To assign the invoice to a particular class, a Class field is located at the top of the invoice form (next to Customer: Job). However, it is better to attach a class to each invoice line. To achieve this, you must set up your invoice forms so that classes are included as columns.

Add the Class column to the screen form. It doesn’t matter what the clients think (and it’s not their business anyway).

Reporting by

There are two types you can run for classes:

All classes reported

Reports for each class

These are the steps you need to follow in order to report on one class

Select the ClassClass you wish to report from from the list.

Press ctrl+q to open the Quick Report on ClassClass

The Class Quick Report allows you to adjust the date range and configure the report as needed. Open the Classes tab and click the Reports button at its bottom. Select All Class Reports, then choose Benefit & Loss by Class or Graphs. The Graphs menu item provides a Budget and Income & Expenditures Graph.

The Profit and Loss by Class report looks the same as a regular Profit and Loss report, except that each Class uses its own column. The Totals column provides the usual P&L details for your company. You may also see a graph showing Income & Expenses by ClassClass, or one that compares budget figures with actual numbers sorted by class.

Modifying Other Reports to Support Class Reporting

You can also configure multiple reports that you run each day to report class details (aging). Use the Filters tab to add any, all, or one ClassClass to your information.

What classes should there be:

You should have both income and cost transactions for the classes you use to monitor. Large permanent categories should have distinct divisions, cost centers or business lines. ).

What classes are not to be:

It is not appropriate to include granular temporary categories, such as conference attendance (track these in projects). Departments that don’t produce money (e.g. ads, admin etc.) should not be included in classes. These types of departments should also be listed in roll-up accounts within the accounts table.


This blog will help you to set up QuickBooks Class. This feature can be used immediately after you purchase QuickBooks. Class monitoring in QuickBooks makes it easier to manage your finances and saves time.

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