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How to Make Your Attic Playroom Live

This is how it would look. Soon, the new baby will arrive. Although you have lived in your attic for many years it is a wasted space. You decide to turn your attic into a playroom. It’s spacious and well-designed. This could be used for an additional bedroom or as a play area on rainy or cold days.

What steps will you take to make your home a stimulating and vibrant place for children? Give it a coat of paint. Add skylights? There are so many options, you might not even know where to start.

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These are some tips to help you plan.

Primary aesthetics

Your planning should be about the aesthetics. This is what your project will look like. What do you want? You want a bright, cheerful playroom. Your children should be able to think creatively, solve problems, and have fun without being too stimulated.

First, choose a colour and a theme. You might choose a Mexican theme with red, yellow, and a little bit of lime. These colours are very appealing to children, but you can tone it by using a white background.

You can choose to be more neutral as it is trendier and still use bright colours for stimulation.

You might choose to be modern or Victorian, with old-fashioned wooden toys.

You can be a true designer by looking through Print On Demand shops. You can get items that are unique and not available elsewhere, such as wallpapers and cushions or bedding. You have a wide selection of themes and styles to choose from.

Find the right fit for your home and your personality. It is possible to change it later.

Wallpaper or Paint

The main feature of a room is the wallpaper or paint. You will spend the majority of your time here deciding. While it is simpler to modify other elements of the room, these will be more difficult to do later. This is something you should spend time doing.

You might consider creating a feature wall. A jungle or colorful abstract patterns on one side of the wall will keep it from crowding out a room.


You should consider the flooring or carpet from many angles. Are you looking for something soft and comfortable? Do you prefer boards for spillage? The appearance of your room will be affected by the choice you make.


Natural light is a key feature, you may be sure. Skylights are required for attics, and there are many options. You can also choose from various technical aspects such as controlling the light level. You should have at least one or two large windows.

They can be placed on opposite sides of your house, so you can control the heat.


These can be pulled up and down easily and are made specifically for your windows. These will match the color scheme in the room and can be used as accent colours or more neutral.


Playrooms are a place where children can learn through play. You can include educational toys as well as charts that provide information and facts in a fun way. This room is ideal for biology, number, history, and biology charts.

Play and Adventure

This is the best space for children to develop their imagination. Make sure they have plenty of props and dress-up clothes to wear for any games they make. They should be able to picture themselves in a story.

You can add a few secret areas or places where they can hide. Mirrors can be placed on the wall to reflect light and add surprise or wonder. You will find that your children love to explore this room.


Although you may one day want to make this room a bedroom, it’s a good idea to keep a bed in there. It can be used as a place for sick children to alternate between sleep and play, or it could also serve as a resting spot for healthy children who may need a break from their busy schedules. The room will be more meaningful to them if they can relax and read books.

Storage Spaces

One of the most important aspects to think about is storage spaces. You won’t be able to fit your normal cabinets here so think about how you can place smaller cupboards along the wall. This will allow children to find the items they need, and you can also store your bedding in the attic.

If your attic is very large, you can use a tall cupboard to divide the room.


Although it is a difficult task to convert an attic into a playroom, it can be fun and meaningful for your kids. Start planning now!

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