What are ADHD Symptoms in Women?

The most common disorder in the world is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is more common in women than men, with a prevalence rate of 2.2%. It is more common in children younger than adults. The long-standing theory that early symptoms in men was a sign of ADHD was so well-established, it had a significant impact on the diagnosis for women. This article will explain the symptoms of ADHD in women. This article will help you to determine when it is time to see a therapist in Edmonton, or anywhere else.

What are the Symptoms of ADHD in Women

Research shows that boys are more likely to spot symptoms than girls (12.9% vs. 6.6%). This is due to the different symptoms that women display than men. There are three types of symptoms:

Mostly inattentive


Combination of both

Women tend to be more attentive, while men are more likely to display hyperactive symptoms. These symptoms are mostly based on inability to focus, remember, stay organized, listen attentively and stay focused. These reasons may help you to identify patterns and get the support of a psychologist if ADHD is a concern.

Symptoms in women

1. Everyday life

ADHD women are more likely to try and solve problems than they are to achieve their goals. They feel the need to respond to potential questions and minimize complications, rather than moving forward with their goals. Inactive symptoms can often be accompanied by a feeling of anxiety and stress from the accumulation of bills and other expenses. Indecisiveness is also a common feature of ADHD females. ADHD females often find it difficult to make decisions about things that seem easy or on-the-go. A simple task like buying vegetables can quickly turn into a whole discussion. These symptoms are common and should be recognized by individuals.

2. Work

ADHD can make it difficult for females to do a regular job. Working in an office environment that is volatile can cause women to be more alert and seek out quieter places to do their work. Sometimes victims may report to the police early or late in order to get some alone time. It is often difficult to concentrate on what you are doing. The workspace can also become cluttered with unnecessary items. They can only keep the workspace clean for a few days even if they make constant efforts to sort it out. ADHD psychologists can recommend mindful activities to reduce the impact of symptoms on your work life.

3. Social life

ADHD women find it difficult to socialize or engage in regular interactions with others. The victims will be able to live a quiet adult life, regardless of how socially friendly or easy-going they were as children. Because of society’s expectations, it can seem difficult for them to maintain friendships or play a positive role in society. ADHD can lead to women talking a lot or not at all. Counselling Calgary and around the world is one of many effective ways to help ADHD women deal with their social lives.

If they are not the ones speaking, it is very likely that the victim will drift away from the conversation. They will talk, but they won’t be able to commit or attend social events.

4. School

Because ADHD is inactive, educational institutions often overlook ADHD in girls. School girls are expected to focus on what they love. It might be interpreted by parents and teachers as a similarity towards the subject. This can make it difficult for girls to leave school. ADHD can cause girls to compare themselves to their classmates at school. These girls may feel the need to do more than their classmates, even though they won’t have any significant differences.


ADHD can affect men and women in different ways. However, this does not stop us from being able to recognize the symptoms and seek help. You should consult a psychologist to help with ADHD, or someone near you who can assist you in this matter.

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