Let’s get creative with your Jordans by using these cool lace styles

It’s no secret that many of the most respected and well-respected influencers in fashion are avid sneakerheads.

Travis Scott, The Game, and Don C have all contributed to the growth of streetwear by sharing photos of their shoes on social media.

Many people have been asking the same question: How do you tie your sneakers to look cool? It doesn’t take long to put on a pair Jordans. There are many ways to wear them and make them stand out from your peers.

We have a list of different ways to tie jordan 1s, so you can create different looks.

Double Knot

The double knot is a lacing design that is both elegant and functional. It is the ideal choice for high-performance sneakers.

You tie two knots on the top of your sneakers just like you would with a pair of shoes. This makes it easy to put on your shoes and take them off. This is especially important if your sneakers have intricate lacing systems that make it difficult to re-lace each time you wear them.

The double knot also makes your shoes more durable which is great for high-end sneakers such as Jordans. This is the easiest way to lace Jordan 1s.

Double Lace Grip

This lacing style is perfect for Jordans fans. This lacing style gives your sneakers a minimalist, clean look that can be worn with any casual outfit. When lacing your shoes in this way, it is important to do so from the inside.

When lacing shoes, start at the heel and work your way up. This will give your shoes a clean, side profile that will be noticed by everyone.

Crisscross Style

The classic crisscross lace-up is a timeless style that has been in fashion for decades. It will complement any retro or modern outfit. It’s also very easy to do. You just need to start by lacing up your shoes as normal, until you reach the middle section. You can then simply cross the laces over and bring them up to the top.

Jumpman lacing trick

You can create a “Jumpman” effect on your shoes by lacing a pair of Air Jordan 1s. You can do this by simply lacing your shoes the same way as usual until you reach the middle section. You should lace your shoe in the middle and outside sections.

You will then need to cross the laces and bring the shoes to the top. The last step in lacing is to re-lace your shoes in the usual fashion.

In conclusion

There are many creative ways to tie up your Jordans. These are some lacing options that will add a touch of flair to your outfit. These lacing techniques are easy to master and look great with any outfit. You now know how to lace Jordan 1s. All you need to do is grab a pair of your favorite Jordans and start lacing!

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