What is Hanoi Vip Lottery and Effective Play Experience

What is Hanoi Vip Lottery? has long become one of the types of online lottery that many people love. However, for those new to the online lottery field, especially traditional lottery players, they only know about “Hanoi lottery” and “Capital lottery”, but few people know about XSHN Vip. . In the article below New88 will introduce to you all the important information about this new way to play the lottery.
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Introduction What is Hanoi Vip lottery?

Hanoi Vip lottery is a type of spontaneous lottery that goes hand in hand with the Northern lottery. This type is established by a third party, not issued by the state. Although it has been around for a long time, quite few people know about this way of playing the lottery. Only when the covid 19 epidemic broke out did players look for this type of online lottery.

As is known Hanoi Vip lottery What is that? This is an online lottery, so there is no exact information about the lottery address like the traditional Northern lottery. However, at the right opening time, everyone can see the Vip lottery results at many reputable betting sites.

The difference between Hanoi Vip lottery and traditional lottery

The difference between these two types of Vip lottery is also very clear, players need to clearly understand the similarities and differences. To be able to play easily and avoid confusion:

The same point

The only similarity between these two types is the lottery results table, what is Hanoi Vip lottery? VIP lottery has a total of 27 prizes from special prize to prize 7. The winning structure and numbers in a prize are also similar. This helps traditional lottery players easily access this new type.


The special prize of Hanoi lottery has a set of accompanying symbols while the special prize of What is Hanoi Vip lottery? there is no such thing. So the possibility of winning special prizes when playing XSHNV will be much easier than traditional XSHN.

The familiar time frame for many northern lottery players is 6:15 p.m., while XSHNV’s prize drawing time will be at 7:15 p.m. Please take note to remember this time period to avoid confusion.
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What is Hanoi Vip lottery? Is it reputable?

As introduced above, XSHNV is not issued by any lottery company. This form of lottery is provided by the websites themselves Lottery, online betting houses have created and drawn their own numbers, so you need to consider when playing this type of lottery.

What is Hanoi Vip lottery? In fact, XSHN VIP is intended to serve online lottery betting sites, so it is not legally recognized or certified by the state. Advice for you when participating in this type of betting is to pay attention to choosing reputable betting addresses to play. Or to be safer, you should only play lotteries issued by the state.

Experience playing Hanoi Vip lottery effectively

After knowing what Hanoi Vip lottery is, next you need to know how to play effectively. In fact, playing XSHN Vip is not much different from traditional XSMB. Players who want to win big prizes need to apply the tips below:

  • The first playing experience is that you must know how to use special statistical tools such as: live lottery, failed lottery, total lottery,… These are data so you can make the right choice. most accurate for yourself.
  • In addition, it is necessary to apply many different lottery prediction methods to select numbers with similarities.
  • When playing lotto, you need to know how to allocate your bets appropriately, ensuring your capital is not depleted after 1 or 2 times of playing.
  • You should not bet haphazardly or play based on your emotions because playing lottery depends on luck. But knowing how to apply the experience from the experts will help you bet with a higher win rate.
  • See more about the numbers suggested by Hanoi Vip lottery experts at many bookmakers today. You can participate in playing at many major lottery forums on social networks to continue to learn more experiences.
  • Another bloody experience that the experts want to share with you is that playing lottery is a form of entertainment, you should not consider it as a form of betting but focus too much on winning and losing.


Above is the most detailed information about What is Hanoi Vip lottery? as well as effective playing experiences. Follow along New88 To read more articles related to lottery betting.

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