Bookie odds – The most popular bookie odds in 2023

Currently, at betting playgrounds, there are many different betting methods for you to choose from. And to meet the needs of betting and betting with many different house odds.  New88 is the bookmaker that updates the most accurate, fastest and most reputable odds to ensure you bet and win. Right in this article, let’s learn more clearly with New88vinet and refer to the most popular house odds table.

What is the house edge?

To increase the difficulty and excitement for veteran bettors who are passionate about red and black betting, the house bet is an indispensable part. To meet the needs of all types of players, today’s bookmakers have created manyhouse oddsdifferent.

This is a term to express betting between any two teams in a betting match. The bookmaker’s odds are the odds that the bookmaker offers. Each bookmaker will offer different odds depending on the hotness of the bet being bet. Players can participate in betting with many different odds, they can bet before the match or bet in parallel with the match.

Learn about the house odds table

The house odds table is where the parameters between the teams will be displayed. Looking at the house odds, how can you evaluate the correlation between the two teams? The house odds will be updated on the board about 3-5 days before the match takes place. However, each house will have a different odds table and the parameters are not the same. Therefore, when participating in any match, you must carefully research, refer to and analyze the correct odds table to place the most accurate bets.

Types of house bets

As mentioned above, to suit the playing style and preferences of bettors,  New88 has updated many different attractive bets for you. Let’s take a look at these odds right here:

Asian Handicap

Handicap odds and Handicap odds are all other names for Asian odds. This is the house odds that many players are most interested in. It requires players to observe the number of goals scored by both teams. The notable point is to choose between the higher team and the lower team according to the odds given by the house.

Over/Under Betting

Called the over/under bet, it is the most basic and easy to understand form of bet, very suitable for beginner bettors at betting floors. Players only need to bet based on the total number of goals of the 2 teams. Over/under bets will be applied to the first half, second half or the entire match depending on each different bookmaker.

Corner Kick Betting

This is a bet where you will have to bet based on the number of corners that can be taken in the match. Players only need to care about the number of corners without paying attention to the score of the match.

The house odds are of most interest

To find a suitable house edge, let’s follow some of the following popular odds:

Handicap 0.25, handicap 0-0.5

You will identify the half bet with the symbol 0.25 on the house odds table. You need to know the following information about the second half odds:

  • If you see the upper team is winning against the lower team => Right now, bet on the upper team, if you bet on the lower team you will definitely lose.
  • If the upper team is losing to the lower team => Bet on the lower team.
  • If the result is a draw between these two teams => Betting on the upper team has a high chance of losing money, so bet on the lower team to win half the money.

Ball odds

This is the draw bet in soccer betting. You will choose this odds to bet on the match. As long as you bet correctly on the winning team, you will win and vice versa. It can be seen that the format of this house odds is very simple but has quite a large degree of luck. If both teams result in a tie, the bet will be refunded to the player.

Handicap 1 goal

For this bet:

  • If the upper team wins by 2 or more goals against the lower team, bet on the upper team to win and the lower team to lose.
  • If the upper team loses or draws, the lower team bets on the upper team losing completely and the lower team winning.
  • If the upper hand only wins with a difference of 1 goal, bet on any team and you will receive a refund from the house.

The secret to choosing the correct house odds

There are many players who want to know the easiest way to bet on the house edge to win. Let’s take a look at  New88’s tips that professional bettors have successfully applied to win:
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Update information and data as soon as possible

Grasping data and information related to the players and the field of a football match is considered the most important factor to win every bet.

Players need to choose the bet at the right time when the house makes the bet. Usually it will be about 2h-3h before the match takes place. This helps you clearly understand the changes in each house’s odds, thereby making an accurate decision.

Pay attention to the match with the home team as the upper bet

According to experts, even if the team is in the Top, it is still difficult to evaluate and predict the odds because of the high difference. Therefore, you need to consider carefully with ½ and ¼ handicaps. If the bet is a draw, 0.25, choose the away team, you will have a higher chance of winning the bet.

Observe the performance of each player and the whole team

Identified as a factor that directly affects the outcome of a match. If two teams play with equal performance, it will be difficult to calculate the most accurate results. Take the time to analyze and consider carefully some of the following issues:

  • The main squad will participate in the competition
  • Performance of each player in recent times
  • Confrontation ratio in recent times


Above is detailed information about the house oddsHe must provide for you guys. Please continue to follow and update the latest articles to be able to grasp all types of bets and bets to win.

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