What is  Handicap bet ting? What Types of  Handicap bet ting Are There?

When it comes to popular and popular forms of soccer betting, it is impossible not to mention them Handicap bet . This is even an effective daily money-making tool for most experts. To be able to conquer every match and earn attractive bonuses, let’s learn about Handicap with New88today through the following article.

Learn about Handicap odds

Handicap oddsAlso known by players with familiar names such as Asian handicap or  Handicap bet ting. This form of betting appears in most football matches, from regional scale to prestigious international arenas.

A characteristic feature of this bet is that the team that is considered to have a higher level will handicap the opponent by a certain number of goals. The specific handicap level in each match is set by the house, often based on in-depth analysis and reference to European odds (Odds). For players, this is also an important basis for betting and evaluating the strength of each team.

The advantages that  Handicap bet ting brings to players

Most players who love soccer betting love and want to experience  Handicap bet ting. The appeal of this form of betting comes from special factors such as:

  • The game always takes place in the fairest and most dramatic way, the handicap offered by the house will ensure this.
  • You can participate for a long time without fear of running out of capital, because even if you bet on losing teams, you will likely only lose half of your initial bet.
  • Even while the match is taking place, players can completely optimize profits or minimize the risk of loss by using the vibration betting method.

Check out some  Handicap bet s that cannot be missed

The handicap in Handicap is given by the house to ensure that the two teams will compete in the most balanced position possible. Depending on the level difference in each match, the number of handicaps can increase or decrease, creating different bets.

Ball odds

Occurs in a situation where two teams are equally talented or the difference in playing ability is insignificant. This is the only case in Handicap bet No distinction between upper and lower odds. The winning or losing results in the bet are completely based on the actual score on the field. If the match is a draw, the entire bet will be refunded by the house.

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Half ball bet

This bet is marked by the house on the odds table as 0.25, 1/4 or 0 – 0.5, which is the smallest handicap that can be applied. Cases that occur include:

  • The match ends with the score in favor of 1 of the 2 teams, players who bet on the winning side will receive a bonus.
  • If the match is a draw, no matter which side you bet on, you will lose half of your original bet.

Handicap half left

The half-left handicap is currently denoted as 0.5 or 1/2 on the odds tables, which means that the upper team will handicap the opponent by half a goal. Players who choose the upper hand to bet can only receive a bonus when this team wins. In case the match ends in a draw or the score favors the lower team, the person following the lower team will win the full amount.

Half one bet

Symbolized as 0.75 or 3/4, when applied, the upper team will accept 0.75 goals against the opponent. The result of the bet is determined as follows:

  • The upper team wins the match with a score difference greater than or equal to 2 (2-0, 3-1, 4-2,…), according to the upper team wins the full amount.
  • The favorite team wins the match but the score is only 1 goal difference (1-0, 2-1, 3-2,…), the player on the favorite team will now receive half the bonus.
  • The match is a draw or the lower team wins by any score, according to the lower team winning the full amount.

Handicap 1

From the name, it can be recognized that the upper team will handicap the opponent by 1 goal, this is a quite high level, showing a clear difference between the two teams. Possible situations include:

  • The favorite team maintained a 2-goal gap until the end of the match. According to the favorite team, they received all the money.
  • The favorite team wins the match but only leads by 1 goal, the player’s entire bet will be refunded.
  • If the result is a draw or the score favors the lower team, the player chooses to bet and the lower team will win.

Besides the types Handicap bet The popular ones mentioned above, depending on the difference, the house can offer higher handicaps such as: 1.25, 1.50, 1.75. 2,… Determining wins and losses and calculating bets are also done similarly, the only difference is increasing the number of goals difference corresponding to each bet.


Hope this article has helped you understand clearly Handicap bet and choose a bet that suits your needs to participate. To get the best experience, New88 is a playground worth considering, not only diversifying bets but also offering extremely attractive reward rates.

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