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Sungrow PowerTitan Series: Unleashing Efficiency and Reliability through Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Systems

Introducing the revolutionary PowerTitan Series by Sungrow, a paradigm-shifting Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System designed to redefine the landscape of solar energy storage. Boasting integrated features, advanced safety mechanisms, and intelligent cooling technology, PowerTitan Series is poised to set a new standard in energy storage solutions.

Simplified Deployment and Maintenance

The PowerTitan Series stands out as an epitome of ease, making deployment and maintenance hassle-free. With a highly integrated Energy Storage System, on-site battery module handling becomes unnecessary. What’s more, the system arrives pre-assembled, enabling an 8-hour installation-to-commission process. Simply drop it on a pad and make electrical connections to get it up and running.

Unwavering Safety and Reliability

Safety takes center stage within the PowerTitan Series design. Integrated DC/DC converters actively limit fault current, enhancing the safety of the entire system. The system’s DC electric circuit safety management, encompassing fast breaking and anti-arc protection, provides an extra layer of reassurance. Multi-level battery protection layers, consisting of discreet standalone systems, guarantee impeccable safety standards.

Efficiency, Flexibility, and Intelligence

The PowerTitan Series excels in efficiency and flexibility. Its intelligent liquid cooling technology optimizes efficiency while extending battery cycle life. The modular design supports parallel connections and seamless system expansion, catering to evolving energy needs. Additionally, the system’s outdoor IP54 cabinet and optional C5 anti-corrosion feature ensure durability in challenging environments.


Sungrow’s PowerTitan Series transcends the boundaries of conventional energy storage systems. With a focus on seamless deployment, impeccable safety, efficiency, and intelligent monitoring capabilities, the PowerTitan Series echoes Sungrow’s dedication to pioneering advancements in solar energy storage. By blending innovative technology with a commitment to reliability, the PowerTitan Series ushers in a new era of energy storage, empowering businesses to harness the potential of clean energy and embrace a sustainable future.

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