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Versatility Unleashed: Exploring the Smallgig Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate

In the ever-evolving world of camera parts, Smallgig introduces the Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate, a game-changing addition designed to seamlessly transition between horizontal and vertical shooting. Let’s dissect the features that set this camera cage apart, exploring its applications and benefits for photography and videography enthusiasts.

How does Smallgig’s Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate facilitate swift transitions between horizontal and vertical shooting?

The Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate for Sony Alpha 7 C II / Alpha 7 CR 4424 is ingeniously designed to allow users to switch between horizontal and vertical shooting without adjusting the lens optical axis. This versatility empowers photographers and videographers to capture dynamic shots effortlessly, whether framing a wide landscape or focusing on a vertical subject.

How does the mount plate ensure uninterrupted access to essential camera features during shoots?

Smallgig’s mount plate maintains full access to the LCD flip screen and ports, preserving the functionality of the camera. This thoughtful design eliminates the need for constant adjustments, allowing creators to focus on capturing the perfect shot without compromising on accessibility.

In what ways does Smallgig’s Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate enhance compatibility with different tripods and gimbals?

This mount plate is compatible with both Arca-type and Manfrotto RC2 tripods, offering users the flexibility to choose the tripod that best suits their preferences. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with DJI RS-series gimbals, ensuring a smooth transition from handheld to stabilized shots with ease.

How does the innovative design of the Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate allow for a quick 90-degree rotation?

By unlocking a simple knob, the lens collar mount plate can smoothly rotate by 90 degrees, enabling users to effortlessly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations. This feature becomes particularly advantageous in scenarios where rapid changes in composition are essential for storytelling.

How does Smallgig’s Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate accommodate other quick-release plates?

The bottom of the mount plate is equipped with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes, supporting the attachment of various quick-release plates. This adaptability ensures compatibility with a wide range of accessories, empowering users to customize their setups according to specific shooting requirements.


In the realm of camera parts, the Smallgig Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate emerges as a beacon of versatility, providing users with the tools to transcend traditional shooting limitations. Whether capturing the grandeur of a landscape or the intimacy of a vertical subject, this mount plate unlocks new perspectives with seamless transitions, uninterrupted access to essential features, and compatibility across diverse tripods and gimbals.

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