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Discover the Best Solar Generator and Solar Panel Solutions in Canada

When it comes to finding the best solar generator Canada, Jackery is a name that stands out. With their commitment to providing green energy solutions, Jackery has become a leading provider of portable power solutions. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a camper, or someone in need of reliable backup power, Jackery offers exceptional performance and portability.

Jackery: Pioneering the Future of Portable Solar Power

Founded in 2012 in California, USA, Jackery has been at the forefront of the industry, introducing innovative technology and products. In 2016, they launched the world’s first outdoor portable power stations, and just two years later, they developed the world’s first portable solar panels. Today, Jackery continues to inspire adventurers to explore the great outdoors sustainably, providing green and renewable power solutions.

One of the key features of Jackery solar generators is their intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) and pure sine wave inverter. This advanced technology ensures the safety of your devices by providing 12 layers of protection during the charging process. Additionally, Jackery’s generators boast an industry-leading high  dissipation efficiency rate, thanks to their unrivaled cooling system and up to 9 temperature sensors. With a 94V-0 fire rating and a sturdy UL standard drop design, Jackery products are built to withstand the demands of outdoor exploration.

Harnessing Solar Power for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Jackery’s solar generators and panels are ideal for a variety of applications, including home backup, camping, and on-the-go power needs. Imagine having the freedom to power your essential devices, such as a CPAP machine, laptop, refrigerator, or sump pump, while enjoying your outdoor activities. Jackery offers a range of capacity options to suit different power requirements, all in a compact and portable design.


Jackery is synonymous with high-quality, reliable, and portable solar power solutions. Their range of solar generators and panels is designed with exploration in mind, offering lightweight and efficient options for all your power needs. Embrace the power of solar energy and join Jackery in building a better future for our planet.

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