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Enhance Fire Safety with Shine Polymer’s Anti-Dripping Agent

When it comes to improving fire safety in thermoplastic compounds, Shine Polymer offers a powerful solution – Shinepoly SN3306. Serving as an exceptional anti dripping agent, Shinepoly SN3306 is part of a series of chemically modified PTFE granulars. By adding SN3306 to thermoplastic compound formulations, plastics achieve enhanced anti-dripping properties that comply with the strict UL 94 V0 and V1 standards. This article explores the benefits and applications of Shinepoly SN3306 as an anti-dripping agent for various thermoplastic materials.

What is an Anti-Dripping Agent and Shinepoly SN3306?

An anti-dripping agent is a substance added to thermoplastic compounds to improve their fire safety by reducing or eliminating the tendency to drip when exposed to flames. Shinepoly SN3306, developed by Shine Polymer, is a chemically modified PTFE granular specifically designed to enhance the anti-dripping properties of plastics.

Enhanced Fire Safety with Anti-Dripping Properties

Shinepoly SN3306 plays a crucial role in improving the fire safety of thermoplastic compounds. When incorporated into plastic formulations, SN3306 enhances the material’s ability to resist dripping, which is essential for preventing the spread of fire. This improvement allows the plastics to meet the stringent UL 94 V0 and V1 standards, ensuring the highest level of fire safety.

Wide Range of Applications

Shinepoly SN3306 finds application across various thermoplastic materials, making it a versatile solution for enhancing fire safety. It is particularly suitable for applications involving PC (polycarbonate), Nylon, PP (polypropylene), and their alloys. These materials often require improved anti-dripping properties to ensure optimal fire safety performance.

Seamless Integration into the Manufacturing Process

Integrating Shinepoly SN3306 into thermoplastic compounds is a straightforward process. The agent can be directly added to the formulation during plastic compound extrusion, making it convenient for manufacturers. The typical recommended concentration ranges from 0.1% to 1%, depending on the specific application and desired fire safety performance.


Shinepoly SN3306, Shine Polymer’s leading anti-dripping agent, provides a powerful solution for enhancing fire safety in thermoplastic compounds. By effectively reducing or eliminating the tendency to drip, SN3306 ensures plastics meet the stringent UL 94 V0 and V1 standards. Its wide range of applications makes it applicable for use in PC, Nylon, PP, and their alloys. Moreover, manufacturers can seamlessly integrate SN3306 into their manufacturing processes, thanks to its direct addition during plastic compound extrusion. Partner with Shine Polymer and trust their expertise to ensure optimal fire safety performance in your thermoplastic materials with Shinepoly SN3306.

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