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Demystifying Floating Toilets: The Illusion of Space

Floating toilets, also known as wall-hung toilets, have gained popularity for their sleek and modern appearance, as well as their space-saving benefits. Despite the name, these toilets do not actually float in mid-air. Instead, they are securely mounted to the wall, giving the illusion of floating above the floor. Let’s explore how this effect is achieved and introduce the Horow TG02W—a round wall-hung toilet that combines functionality with contemporary design.

Is a Floating Toilet Really Floating?

While the term “floating toilet” may conjure images of toilets hovering magically above the ground, the reality is quite different. Floating toilets are mounted to the wall using a hidden support system, which gives the appearance of the toilet floating above the floor. This mounting method creates a sleek and minimalist look, as the toilet’s base is not visible, making it seem as though the toilet is suspended in space.

How is the Floating Effect Achieved?

The floating effect of wall-hung toilets is achieved through careful installation and the use of a sturdy support system. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Reinforced Mounting Bracket: Wall-hung toilets come with a reinforced mounting bracket that is securely attached to the bathroom wall. This bracket serves as the foundation for the toilet and provides essential support to ensure its stability.
  2. Hidden Tank: In many cases, the toilet tank is concealed within the wall cavity behind the toilet, further enhancing the floating effect. This hidden tank not only contributes to the toilet’s streamlined appearance but also maximizes space in the bathroom.
  3. Adjustable Height: Wall-hung toilets often feature adjustable height settings, allowing for precise positioning and customization according to the user’s preferences and the layout of the bathroom.

Introducing the Horow TG02W

The Horow TG02W is a prime example of a floating toilet that combines style, functionality, and space-saving design. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for your bathroom:

– Round Wall-Hung Design: The Horow TG02W is a round wall-hung toilet that saves up to 12 inches of space compared to floor-mounted toilets, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms.

– Efficient Double Swirl Flush: With its efficient double swirl flush design, the Horow TG02W ensures optimal cleanliness and tidiness with every use.

– Sleek and Minimalist Appearance: The hidden tank and concealed mounting bracket of the Horow TG02W create a sleek and minimalist appearance, adding a touch of modern elegance to any bathroom decor.


In conclusion, while floating toilets may not actually defy gravity, they certainly create the illusion of space and elevate the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom. With their streamlined design, space-saving benefits, and efficient flushing capabilities, floating toilets like the Horow TG02W offer both style and practicality for modern living.

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